Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finished My nutritional info for the book

I am happy to report that I have completed 1/3 of my cookbook. I have completed the recipes, and the nutritional information.

It was nice to get this done.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sticker shock or The real cost of calories

I was doing some nutritional analysis of my various recipes. I didn't know how many calories a Pizza can have. Just 2 servings of my pizza weigh in at 430 calories. A whole pizza = one whopper in calories. I might add that these are 'tiny' pizzas about 6 inches in diameter, not near the same amount that a 'normal' pizza that most American's can eat single handed.....I shudder to think what the meat lovers pizza would have??

I also was amazed at how much salt are in my recipes. Just 1 serving of my lasagna has nearly 60% of your sodium for a day. These are 'healthy' recipes that I have REDUCED the amount of sodium in....

Oh well. BTW: Gourmet rocks, its the program that I use for all my cooking. It does all of the nutritional stuff FOR FREE and runs wonderfully on my OS of choice, Linux.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

An unexpected Meeting

I was looking as some zphone stuff, (a cool encryptor for voip) apps, and sent a message to the distro for the source code for asterix.

Guess who called? Phil Zimmerman himself. We talked for about an hour or two. He's a really pleasant person.

My first celebrity who I actually talked to 'in person' who I really admired. Most 'pop' stars are idiots who have entirely too much money, nice to meet a cool human being.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pandora Update

Well, I received my refund today from the Pandora. I talked to the pandora lady (Debs) who was very nice. I will probably re-order. I did lose about $75.00 due to currency fluctuation. The Pandora looks like it is coming along nicely, and since I have recieved my refund I have some more faith in the product team.


Disaster or Do Thomas's Dream of Electric Bikes?

Well, my personal project to electrify my recumbent have ended up in flames. I tried unsuccessfully for nearly 6 months to get the local recumbent shop to get me one ordered.

I had him modify my SatRday with a Schlumpf front end (its a set of planetary gears that gives you integrated gearing as part of the crank shaft), since we would be removing the 3 speed integrated rear shifter (taking me from 27 gears to 9). With the schlumpf I would have had 18 speeds.

Well, it turns out that the satrday aliment is very touchy. He had to completely re-tool the bike, which cost me $600.00. The dumb part comes on me. I borrowed a $1600.00 recumbent from him, and through my own stupidity and anger I destroyed the loaner. Add another $1200 after parts.

I called Bike Friday, since I no longer trusted the words of this fine salesmen, and looked at the mechanical laws myself: My satrday has 350 rims. The nearest bionix motor to this is 18 inches. That's 457mm, The satrday people said I MIGHT be able to fit it on the satrday, but that would require disc brakes (about $350.00), and that the satrday itself would have to be further modified to allow for such brakes ($60.00). The labor and parts for just the disc brakes is going to run $550.00, not including shipping ($60.00 w/ insurance), not including the $1600.00 cost of the bionix motor itself. There is still NO guarantee that this will all work together.

So rather than continuing to spend money on a lost cause, I have decided to give up the reality of the electric Bike, and wait till next year (more likely 2010!) to try again. Maybe by then my Scorpion folder w/ full suspension will be working. The cost (in today's dollars) for this: $6,000. Kind of more than I am willing to spend in this climate.