Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Open" Pandora Saga, My final venting- NOT the song service!

Well, back in 2007 I saw what seemed to be a very cool emulation project called Openpandora. Basically it was supposed to be an open emulator for old arcade games, as well as having 2 sdhc card slots. It was supposed to have bluetooth, a real keyboard, etc. etc. So I pre-ordered.

They took my money, but barclays (the bank they were trying to scam the money they couldn't raise) cancelled all of their accounts. I need not say that at this time us currency took a dive, so the 'refund' was $100 < what I originally paid (400).

I stupidly sent my money back (2008) and waited, and waited, and waited (I bought a house), bought a new car (lexus), Bought an Iphone (MUCH BETTER and works with emulations and has NICE ability to be a phone too!) Ipad, with an ICADE (REAL arcade controller that actually works!).

So I recently tried one last gasp to get my money back. HA HA! I think craig and company (that’s the guys who pt barnumed me) really enjoyed several pints at the expense of my poor old 400.00. It was a GREAT learning lesson. NEVER preorder anything like this, especially when the guys are in England  and are going to steal your money and go to tahiti.

I should add that I did get a good fire-sale price on their 'icontrolpad' at think-geek.  Even if I had my pandora, from the build quality of the icontrolpad, it would have sucked major rocks. They even have the audacity to charge >$500.00 for the crappy successor, something called 'pandora II'. Don't even waste your time!  The icontrol pad simply stinks. The dpads get stuck, the build quality looks like something a third grader could have designed, and the fire buttons keep getting suck. So, if you ever see guys like 'evildragon' or google anything for 'openpandora' or 'gbax' AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!


Thomas J. Munn