Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Palm Treo 680`

I just got the palm treo 680 at the advice of my friend Will. I really like it. It has a nice switch to make it 'quiet' and has a very nice interface. I got it for $99.00 on ebay. I also find that it syncs nicely with my Outhouse at work, as well as being nice for bible study. I am using a copy of something from 'olivetree' which is indeed a nice bible. Added to the mix is 'plucker' which lets me put my html stuff into my palm (nice for my book conversion project).

I have also began doing OCR on a devotional book that I study. I found a cool secret in 'openoffice' that allows me to autogen a nic toc. The toc is clickable, using just heading 1 2 and 3 styles. The main trick is to put the 'hyperlink' on the item type between the "E" and the other item "looks like an L' inside the item. The hyperlink has to be before and after. Otherwise it doesn't work. Its accessed by going to the insert index and tables, entries tab,

It is the second, and the fourth entries. between what looks like the 'e' and the 'f' entry. Its kind of hard to explain but play with it and you will see. Just look at the 'preview'.

Anyways, thats it, other than the fact that I have discovered a cool new (not really that new) thing spiritually:

Its called the "fathers love letter". Google it.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Using Visio to export and search Network Diagrams

One of the great annoyances of visio is its inablity to search for Ip addresses within large network diagrams.

If you go to the 'save as web' option within the export function of Visio, it creates a happy web page (unfortunately IE is required to use!), and it allows you to search, and will even put a nice arrow where the object occurs within the diagram.

At some point I will figure out how to do a screen cast.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Recieved my Bass Clarinet

I have had my Bass Clarinet for two days. Its beautiful. I need to photograph it and put on the site. It is WAY smaller than I expected (the case is only 1/3rd the size of my old bass from 22 years ago!). It only weights about 8lbs, and sounds wonderful.

Its a Yamaha, and the case is green. I played on it for about 20 minutes today, and tried to learn Greensleeves again. Funny how that is. I found that starting on "a" middle register produced a most pleasing rendition. I still have a lot to learn on the keys, however! The chromatics still get me after 22 years...


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bought Bass Clarinet today

Well after 10 years of mulling whether or not to buy a bass clarinet, I finally took the plunge. I have been looking for a way to get outside of spending all my time on the computer, and thought that a resurrection of my music skill (from high school days, 20 years ago this year....gads how the time flies!), might be in order.

I finally chose:

70696 YAMAHA YCL-221 BASS CLARINET K 1 $1649.00 $329.80
123811 Pomarico Bass Clari BsCL Mpc J 1 $144.95 $28.99
78810 Legere BC275 Bass Clarinet ree 1 $18.99 $3.80
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The really cool thing is that I got 20% off on the whole deal! So you see that I saved $400.00 on the whole package. The second item bears some discussion. I want to learn jazz playing on this clarinet, and have read that crystal mouthpieces make a very bright, jazzy sound. So I picked up the Pomarico (an italian firm that makes fancy mouthpieces). I also am trying another marvel of technology, the 'synthetic' reed. Supposed to last a long time (I hope so, for $18.00/reed!!!!!). Anyway, my cookbook is coming along nicely as well. I worked on Lesson '2' from Adobe Indesign cs3 one on one (a great book btw).

That clinches it.